Tanzania May 2014
 Dear Val,
Thank you very much for the contribution of the tuition fees and
accommodation fees for Charles Wales and Selestina Masato.

  I shall send the receipts by post. God Bless Health Reach Canada.

With many regards to Health Reach Canada Directors and to your family.
K. Kairuki
May 2014
Hello Dr;
Thank you very much for accommodation sponsorship that you granted me.It is a great aid to me and even my parent thanks you so much. May GOD BLESS you abundantly.
Nepal, September 2013
Dear Val,
Maenga is from Hlimen He is incharge of the water piping he made a contact with the PHE department.
Tailoring class is going well now we have 4 ladies training. they will finish in 2 months time. In the first batch 3 ladies had graduated among them  2 ladies bought thier own sewing machine and earn their living! This is a successful story for us. 
NEM express sincere thanks to HRC and we are looking forward for 4 more graduated  soon. they come to learn here everyday sunday through Friday 10 - 12 noon.
And we are helping  19 children after school everyday.  they are writing their exam. before their big festival comes next week.
Tei and Rongi is doing well.
When I reached Pokhara I got diarrhoea stay in for whole one week Now I am up! PTL!
 Sorry for delay!
Love, Vani
 Wahida Jasmine Mtiro    July 30, 2013
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Medical student note of thanks

I went to the bursar and the money was received.
Thanks alot

God bless you all


Fred Mwiga 

July 3, 2013






Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzaniahttps://mail.google.com/mail/images/cleardot.gif

Dear Dr Val, I bid you my humble greetings! It's my hope that things are running well there; I am also quite alright! Now we are doing our final clinical rotation, Community Medicine, and we are just left with few weeks before we finish by 16th, August 2013! Otherwise, I have been able to pass all my preceding subjects; thanks to you for your support!


Elias Marandu – February 25, 2013

Dear precious mom and Doctor across the oceans,

Its my greatest hope that you are fairing well (you + the family)
I surely find no words to expound the love, care and hospitality you have granted me without price.
I have received the laptop (DELL INSPIRON 6400) you sent me, in good shape and quality. Thank you a lot and may the almighty GOD bless and keep you as you endeavour towards the success of others and yours as well.
Sorry I do not communicate with you often. I can not say its my character but my negligency. I from this moment promise to be in touch!!!
I thank you for the example you are showing us especially me towards other people I will live with.


Tanzania July 2012

Dear Mama Val,

Thank you very much for your email, about the student Kelvin Daniel Shukia who sent you email, he is not included in the 5 students whom we sent their  names to you.  Daniel is a special case, he is in his final year unfortunately he has not been able to pay his Tuition Fees when it was due, throughout his five years he has been paying  bits  of money which he got hold of, the 14,059,000Tshs =  8,800USD is accumulation of Tuition Fees not for accommodation.  His mother has been trying hard to pay fees for his son but unfortunately she has no other person to help to clear the debt.

Please as this is a special case if you can find some people who  can help to support Kelvin to finish his studies it will be great  if Kelvin pass his exam  he will be able to get the job and support his poor family.

Thank you,

 God Bless you.

Mrs. K. Kairuki


Dr Grossman  I have resume classes, since monday. I went to see Mrs Kairuki as  you told me and we  discussed about my situation and she advise me to keep on looking for other sponsors.Thank you very much Dr. Grossman  and God bless you. Kelvin Daniel Shukia


MIZORAM, INDIA, April 2012

Dear Val,

About the Water piping at Hlimen Village as per the VCP ( Village Counsil President ) Mr. Lalhmingliana's request if the project can be started before the monsoon which starts by the end of May. The community are very much excited and are willing to work volunteerly.

With anticipations,




NEPAL, March 2011

Dear Dr. Val

Thank you for sending money for the Majuwa water Project. We have received the money from Vani. We have decided we will start to dig out the pit from to-morrow and we will  buy pipe etc to-morrow.  All the community are very happy to get help from the health reach. Thank you for help you have provided for us.

Suman Sharma

Dear Val.
Pipelaying been done ... and  more houses are applying permission from the government.
The Majuwa community are very happy. When do you plan to be in Pokhara?
Have a safe trip.


 Februrary 2011

Dear Valarie I am Mana kunwar Erin's friend  from pokhara ,I am happy to meet you in pokhara...

You are comming for water project that is very good work . I also like to meet you. I will manage  time for meet  you .Thank you very much for your kind help founding schoolarship in remote school's students .That is very big thing for them .See you

Best Regards



Tanzania, March 2011

...Thank you!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!  I just wanted to write a thank you note for all your support in making my trip to Tanzania absolutely wonderful J  My trip really opened my eyes to the fact that if you put your mind to something it can grow beyond your expectations.  I would defiantly enjoy returning to visit Dar es Salaam in a couple years so see my friends. 

I truly enjoyed every minute with the beautiful children at the Nira Orphanage.  Even though they didn’t have much they all had the biggest hearts ever and taught me so much more than I’m sure I taught them. They live in an orphanage located in a small place called Mbagala.  I got to witness how they all live and help be apart of it for a few weeks.  I feel that it is so amazing that with alittle work and a lot of love you can help others in our world to make their lives just that much more enjoyable.  When we all put some support & prayers together we can inspire others beyond our belief.  With all of your help we were able to build a structure with 2 toilets/2 showers for the boys, as well as, the girls.  They were all so excited to see this being built, as before all they had was 1 really old toilet and no shower just buckets of water.

...Many thank you’s from the bottom of my heart and all my children at the Nira Orphanage say asante sana(thank you very much).  Some wonderful friends & family have come together in donating more money for water filters and to build a small dining area for the children, as well as, needed supplies.  So thank you again and God bless everyone, I sure know I am J  Take care and all my love.

Melissa J


Dear Val,

Hope you are feeling better today.  Melissa arrived safely as planned just before midnight yesterday.  We met her at the airport and let her spend the night with us at Msasani.  Today she will sleep in, have a late breakfast and then come to MMH/HKMU at around noon for a familiarization tour of MMHEN institutions.  We shall then tale her out and show her a few places she may need like the Banks/Bureau de change etc.  She will also spend the night with us today because Edith has a function in town today which needs her attention all day and will therefore not be at the Orphanage the whole day and a good part of the evening.  Edith will come to fetch Melissa for the trip to Mbagala after we hold a brief meeting at MMH together tomorrow morning.  We shall let her send you an e-mail as soon as she comes in at noon today .  She was in buoyant mood when she arrived and seemed to like it here.


Val, thanks very much for the carry on stuff Melissa brought us.  They will be very useful.


Let me pen off for now and catch up with you later.


Please take care.  Many hugs,





January 2011

I greet you in the Mighty and Precious Name of our LORD Jesus Christ and it is my hope that these greetings will find you doing alright in Jesus Name. I consider it a privilege to write to you once again.  now i'm in MD III and i have been doing alright with my studies, i thank God. as the new season of studies has started, i humbly would like to still request of your help as with regard  to my hostel fee for this new academic year. otherwise i'm glad to send you seasonal greetings as we are approaching the new year 2011. may God continue leading you and blesses you abundantly

Fredy Mwiga

MEDICAL SCHOOL   August 2010

Halo Dr. Val,

I am grateful for all you are doing for me. It has been long time since we saw each other, my bad luck is that; some times when you come, I hear of it that you have been in Dar Es Salaam after you just left.

Thank you for your encouragement, you have empowered me a lot, see now I was able to do well in all my courses. For the last year I have been rotating in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine and now we are a bout to complete Psychiatry after written Examinationsnext week, we just returned from Dodoma (Mirembe Hospital in Dodoma for Psychiatry rotations).

Next year will be my last year; I will be in the fifth year rotating in ObGy, Surgery and community Medicine.

I thank you so much; I was able to pay all debts concerning the Hostels, (I pray that you proceed also for the next year). ...

I pray that may God empower you more and more in every thing you plan and do.

 Thanks and God bless you.

Prudence Premier (HKMU)


GLASSES      May  2010

Deal Val,

Many greetings How are you getting on?

Myself I am well. Thank you very much for the children’s glasses I received the parcel last week Thursday.  I am sure those children coming to the eye clinic they will be happy. Well what about Diana and her husband are they still coming to Dar ?  Did they get their booking at Regency  Hotel ?   What about Melissa is she still interested coming to Nira Orphanage ?Many greetings from the staff and students. God Bless, Thanks, K. Kairuki







We are writing this letter to acknowledge with thanks receipt at’ some money you sent to us to assist the abovementioned project. The money Tshs, 2,700000/= was delivered to us by Happy Mchomvu of Dares Saiaam Sido Office.

We are pleased to assure you that by the time we are writing this letter, technicians are now working on this project.

Be blessed!

Chair person     Secretary to project

William Hezekieii          Wolta Msechu.


From Mizoram State, NE India,  (between Bangladesh and Myanmar)

My dear friends,
Late new year greetings to you all.
The last part of 2008 was in fact a busy time for me slowing down all my communications to welwishers, freinds and partners. It was mainly because of family helath and house construction problems. I am now ok and let us keep in touch.

I realised that I did not write report on the BSF training here in Lunglei and finally a brief report is here by attached for you to read. Let me also tell you that from December last we started disseminating the technology in two more places, one in our Hospital and the other in a village called Ramlaitui. We keep passing on the good news of having clean water in other parts of the state. Thank you to you all for providing skills which is very much appropriate for us. May God reward you for your concern.

Where do we will go from here ? Is there a way of drawing your continued interest to us, for BSF traing and support and for our rural Malaria clinics where we provide skills and few follow up maetrilas to rural community to solve malarial problem for their own. It works effective to detect malarial infection to people and providing correct doses of antimalarial pills there by saving lives and expenditures besides the village people manage their own health problem with a sense of ownership and respnsibilty.

God bless you and protect you right through this 2009.

Tanzanian Medical student thank you

Halo, May you accept my sincere appreciation on your concern about us. I received your salute through Mama Kairuki. Thanks.Well, I thank God I am doing well in studies, your support has brought me to this point, and may God bless you. I look forward to do better in future and to make a good physician.Greetings,Prudence. 

Mission Mikocheni Health & Education Network, Tanzania

Dear Val,

Thank you for your email, and all the effort your making to make the difference in people's life.

Hoping you are well together with your mum and the rest of the family are going on well.

Myself I have had troubles with my back, but now I am feeling better.  1st November it was a graduation day for final year students, MD 41, BsN 2 and Diploma in Nursing 37.  It was a big day.

Sorry that we have not sent the receipt, we are still waiting for the money you sent, it takes a long time.

You asked about the cost of training MD students... I will post HKMU prospectus so that it can guide you. 

Well when are you planning to come to Tanzania?

Many greeting to you and your family.

Hugs,K. Kairuki 



Checks can be mailed to:

124 Canterville Rd