Famine Prevention
Almost five years were spent researching and then developing strategies and actions to prevent famine. The government and the people have taken this on and continue to work on it. I am available to assist on an as needed basis.

Government Systems Assessment
This was a limited time project where I was one of several researchers assessing the systems in the State of Mizoram, India for the purpose of understanding gaps and defining possible programs to improve in specific areas. Systems assessed were the social, educational, health, economic, and agricultural as well as the functioning of the government system itself.

Telemedicine Conference
In collaboration with HealthSpan International
This conference and workshop developed and presented with WHO, provided the health system in Mizoram with an understanding of what telemedicine is and how it works. Plans were set to develop a system there. The government decided to go ahead on its own; now they are looking to develop the system for improved function. The potential for future involvement exists as ongoing discussions with the government continue.

Nepal, India, Tanzania

Many programs undertaken are of short duration. Examples are water piping projects, water purification training, water storage tanks, infrastructure upgrades, tin provision, sewing programs and the like. Once a project is complete and the people know what to do we are no longer needed. Our goal is to help the people help themselves attain sustainable positive outcomes so we are no longer needed or relevant to ongoing success of whatever we assisted with.


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