• HRC Mission

    Health Reach Canada (HRC) is a non-denominational not-for-profit charitable organization assisting people in the developing world to improve their lives through health and education programs. We are registered in Canada, the USA, and are a Donor Choice organization with the United Way. Read More
  • Education Support .

    This program helps students in Tanzania, & Nepal remain in school when they would otherwise be forced to drop out. Tanzanian university medical & nursing students must be able to pay lodging and tuition fees not covered by the government loan to remain in school. We support five medical students to remain in school at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Read More
  • Programs

    Currently, programs are limited to Tanzania, North East India, and Nepal. Though we have been approached people in several countries, including Sudan, Namibia, and Sri Lanka, due to limited funds and volunteers we must be careful regarding what we do. Read More
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Health Reach Canada

"Helping people help themselves." 

HRC  is a registered Charity in Canada & the USA. We are also a United Way Donor Choice Organization. This means when you donate to United Way you can request your donation be directed to Health Reach Canada.

Health Reach CanadaPeople in the developing world know what their issues are and they also know how to resolve them in culturally appropriate and sustainable ways.

Given the opportunity to identify pressing issues, strategies, and actions, those of a culture can decide and implement sustainable positive change. Our job is to be there in a supportive role.

Health Reach Canada is doing good work with little in the way of funding. We actually see the difference we are helping people make in their lives. How is it that so little can make such a big difference when so much has done so little?
The difference between Health Reach Canada and other non-profit organizations and government agencies is that we do not come in with a program or programs we think the people need and impose them. We do nothing unless the people ask and follow through with us by participating in gaining the desired outcome. This philosophy and methodology helps ensure sustainability and wise use of precious funds.
People know what their needs are. Our job is to find that out by asking questions and helping people understand they do have the answers. This makes the solution theirs and because it is theirs, it is sustainable. In this way, people can and are improving their lives.
Our funding comes from individuals and organizations who want their donation to make a difference.




Checks can be mailed to:

124 Canterville Rd